Why do we exist?

We want to eliminate the barriers of virtual education, allowing people with limited connectivity to access to high quality education.

What do we do?

We make it possible for you to send your educational content to your users, using WhatsApp chatbots.

How does La Teacher work?

WhatsApp Chatbot

RoBetty is a virtual teacher, ready to teach whatever  you need through WhatsApp.  

This massive channel allows us to reach users who only have a smartphone without even consuming their internet credit.

Learning through WhatsApp is now possible and very easy. Your lessons can contain text, images and videos, you can build questionaries and get instant score. 

Learning Adventages

Users don’t need to learn how to use a new platform, they don’t need to have a user account or even an e-mail account, they just have to write to their virtual teacher through WhatsApp and start learning.

They will have a learning process adapted to their time and needs, with instant feedback in a personalized way. 

The content administrator is able to visualize everything about the process, the progress of each student, their weaknesses and strengths, etc. This information allows you to adjust the lessons according to your students needs.

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If you want to teach anything to your users, employees, customers or students through WhatsApp, just get in contact with us!

Marcela Salinas
Bogotá, Colombia

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